• Hovr.it enables you to make online images clickable for product search and purchase

    When you click on an image, we find the right product for you.

hovr.it - image recognition technology

Hovr.it provides its customers with the ability to find items that inspire them in seconds by taking a picture with their smartphone. Utilising the latest image recognition technology, Technology integrates with world leading brands to provide this service.

With a little help from Hovr.it, you can streamline your product search, saving a lot of time and energy. This online shopping assistant is a browser plugin or web-based service that allows you to easily browse products sold from retailers.

The internet has introduced shoppers to new markets and opportunities for comparison shopping that was previously impossible with traditional brick-and-mortar stores only. The internet has also made it possible for clothing companies to reach consumers with niche products that are not available in local stores due to the need for relatively small production runs.

It is easy for customers to buy goods or services they need on the internet because many retailers have online stores where customers can browse at their leisure and complete their transactions on site.

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